School Counselor

Students attending CVVA will receive counseling services from the same school counselor who would provide this service were they attending the home building face to face.  The assignments of students are as follows:

Cumberland Valley High School (10th-12th Grade) Counselors

 (A-Che) Kimberly Baldwin  (717) 506-3628  [email protected]
 (Chh-Go)  Ashley Broody  (717) 506-3638  [email protected]
 (Gp-Kr)  Jennifer Snitzer  (717) 506-3637  [email protected]
 (Ks-Ng)  Meggan Schorn  (717) 506-3629  [email protected]
 (Nh-Sc)  Rick Landis  (717) 506-3631  [email protected]
 (Sd-Ve)  Mark Ryan  (717) 506-3636  [email protected]
 (Vi-Z)  Leigh Walton  (717) 506-3630 [email protected]


Cumberland Valley 9th Grade Academy Counselors

 Elizabeth Bashore         (717) 506-2730  [email protected]
(H-O)  Jamie Relin  (717) 506-2716  [email protected]
(P-Z) Kimberly Clements  (717) 506-2717  [email protected]


Mountain View Middle School Counselors

(A-D)  Emma Backes           
 [email protected]
(E-K)  Laura Klinger  (717)506-3367
 [email protected]
(L-R)  Kayce Heck  (717)506-3368  [email protected]
(S-Z)  Katy Urban  (717)506-3366  [email protected]


Eagle View Middle School Counselors

6th      Jerry Crispino          (717) 506-3810  [email protected]
7th  Bryann Maguire  (717) 506-3808  [email protected]
8th  Jill Hollar  (717) 506-3809  [email protected]
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